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English Anime: When looking for a new anime to watch, viewers will typically end up with a show or film that is dubbed in Japanese with English subtitles. However, occasionally people will want to watch an English Anime, meaning all of the voice work that was originally in Japanese has been replaced with English. While this can cause some translation errors, typically English Anime is entertaining to watch, especially if they are set in more western locations.

English Anime

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English Anime – Top Anime Series in English

It is a debate that had raged on since the earliest days of the anime fandom – subs vs dubs. Are you a purist who only watches anime in its native language or do you wait patiently for the English releases? or Do you just decide on a show-by-show basis? Since anime dubs used to be known for awkward performances, censorship, and sloppy Westernization.

English Anime

It seemed only natural in the ‘90s and early 2000s to write all of them off as inferior. But now that the Western fandom has evolved and localization studios have had a few decades to perfect their craft, we see dubs coming out every season that can truly stand toe to toe with their Japanese counterparts – and in some cases, surpass them.

Best Anime Series Dubbed in English

  • FLCL (also known as “Fooly Cooly” or “Furi Kuri”)

English Anime

Basically, it’s a coming-of-age story about Naota, an ordinary grade school kid. When he literally crashes into a girl named Haruko, his life instantly gains 10,000 points on the weirdness scale.

  • Cowboy Bebop

English Anime

At first, Cowboy Bebop’s premise seems to be nothing more than “bounty hunters in space”. After you watch it, though, you’ll understand why anime fans continue to rave about it even after nearly two decades of its release.

  • Samurai Champloo

English Anime

Another show that has an excellent English dub, even though it’s set in Edo-period Japan, is this one. Samurai Champloo revolves around an unlikely trio: a plucky girl named Fuu, an uptight and reserved samurai named Jin, and a dance-battling swordsman named Mugen.

  • Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

English Anime

In this show, we have 14-year-old Yukio Tanaka, a 100-percent Japanese boy with a 100-percent boring life. At least, that’s until he rescues a weird-looking dog from the clutches of some nasty kids. The dog, it turns out, belongs to Ryuusuke “Ray” Minami, a guitarist who’s spent some time in the States and introduces Yukio to rock music.

  • Hellsing Ultimate

English Anime

This anime is set in an alternate reality, where the world is besieged by vampires, ghouls and other creatures of the night. To fight against them, England enlists the services of the Hellsing Organization, led by the iron-willed Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing.

  • Baccano!

English Anime

Famous for its unconventional storytelling style, Baccano! constantly jumps between three different storylines set in three different years during the Great Depression. If that sounds a bit off-putting, don’t worry: All of them eventually come together and make sense as the series goes along.

  • Eureka Seven

English Anime

Eureka Seven kicks off with Renton Thurston, a teenage boy who dreams of becoming part of a mercenary group known as “Gekkostate”. One day, a girl named Eureka crashes into their garage with an LFO (Light Finding Operation), and inadvertently forces Renton to leave his comfortable life behind forever.

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